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About VCA

The Vermont Cemetery Association (VCA) exists to inspire continued effort toward the improvement of Vermont cemeteries. 


As Cemeterians, we believe we should care for our fellow community members long after they have passed to honor and respect them and their part in preserving Vermont history.

With the addition of websites like and the ability to track your heritage through DNA, there has been a renewed interest in family genealogy.  Once someone starts down the path of tracing their ancestry, they undoubtedly end up wandering through a cemetery trying to find their ancestors. 

It has been said, you can tell a lot about a town by the way it cares for its cemeteries.  VCA works with cemeterians throughout Vermont to make sure those who visit our historic cemeteries are assured their loved ones are being well cared for long after they leave this Earth.

TAPHOPHILE - A person who is interested in cemeteries and gravestones.

Board Members
Our Board Members

Patrick Healy, President

Green Mountain Cemetery


Bert Lindholm, Vice President

Jericho Center Cemetery


Jane Paine, Secretary/Treasurer

Morristown Cemetery Association


Stuart Alexander, Director

Jericho Center Cemetery

Gloria Rapalee, Director

Duxbury Cemetery

Shao Shan Temple Cemetery - E. Calais.JP

Shao Shan Temple - East Calais, Vermont

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