Vermont Cemetery Association

The fundamental purpose for which this association exists is to inspire continued effort toward the improvement of Vermont cemeteries. To this end it seems essential that we declare the principles and ethics upon which rests the successful administration of our affairs.

We believe that it is necessary in such a declaration that we here condemn the practice of selling cemetery property for speculative or investment purposes, or upon the promise of re-sale at a profit. That such a practice is detrimental to public interest is self-evident. It defies the fundamental concept upon which the development of our industry has been predicated, and constitutes a threat to our advancement by abusing the privileges and prerogatives which we administer as a public trust.




Fall Meeting Notice
Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Registration begins at 8:30am
Resurrection Park Cemetery
So. Burlington, VT

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Reserve your seat by calling Patrick at 802-223-5352

"The Granite Stairway"
Green Mount Cemetery